Elastos ETH Sidechain

The Elastos ETH Sidechain is a fully-compatible EVM-chain that uses DPoS for consensus

Please ensure you are compiling smart contracts to --evm-version byzantium

You can build and run the above Geth clone locally to connect to our ETH Sidechain:


But we recommend you use one of the following provided RPC ports, works with Metamask, Openzeppelin, Truffle or any other standard tools as you would expect with Ethereum:





For more info visit our sub-site: elaeth.io . This is hosted by the community run CR ETH Task Force and they take no liability for any issues.


dApp Tutorials

You can find tutorials on setting up an Elastos ETH Sidechain dev environment and more here.

Additional Guides:

Transferring ELA from Mainchain
to the Elastos ETH Sidechain