Basic usage

Create a local identity

import { DID } from "@elastosfoundation/elastos-connectivity-sdk-js";

DIDBackend.initialize(new DID.ElastosIODIDAdapter(DID.ElastosIODIDAdapterMode.MAINNET));
let didStore = await"a-store-name");
let rootIdentity = RootIdentity.createFromMnemonic(Mnemonic.getInstance().generate(), "", didStore, "a-store-password");

let myDID = await rootIdentity.newDid(storePass);

Create a credential

// The issuer is the person who creates and signs the credential
let issuer = new Issuer(myDID);

// The target DID is the user that will receive and import the created credential to his wallet
let targetDID = DID.from("did:elastos:someone");

// Create the credential
let vcb = new VerifiableCredential.Builder(issuer, targetDID);
let credential = await"#the-credential-id").properties({
    anyKey: "AnyValue"