Decentralized identity (DID)

As a member of the Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF), Elastos maintains a dedicated blockchain to support a W3C-compliant DID implementation.

Learn How It’s Used

Typically you can imagine DID applications across various blockchains would be able to use DIDs to communicate identity and prove “claims” about just about anything.

For example here’s a simple age verification use case:

Typical Use Case: Decentralized Proof of Age

Already Know About DIDs? Start here to learn how to integrate Elastos DID into your apps:

Getting Started with DIDs

W3C DID Specification:

The Elastos ecosystem includes a dedicated blockchain to provide the essential functions of DIDs. By using a dedicated sidechain, we ensure the highest possible availability of the critical identity data required by dApps and products on Elastos.

Recognizing the importance of self-sovereign identities and the global movement to a standardized decentralized identity model, the Elastos Foundation has joined the Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF) and dedicated significant resources to ensure that its DID services follow the W3C Decentralized Identifier (DID) specification.

Elastos DID Specification:

This is the v0.2 Elastos DID specification that conforms to the W3C DID Specification. It is published and maintained by the Elastos Foundation. Its aim is to explain the general data model and format of Elastos DID, as well as related operations. In the future, Elastos Foundation will continue to upgrade this document so that it reflects the latest state of development of the Elastos DID technology.


Decentralized Identity Foundation: