Elastos Core Services

Elastos provides a set of decentralized services which can be integrated into any dApp or project

You can find a full list of our repos here: https://github.com/elastos/Elastos

What type of service are you looking for?

Ultra-Secure Blockchain

Our ELA Mainchain boasts ~50% of BTC's hashrate through AuxPoW merge-mining with Bitcoin

This makes it perfect for:

  • Payment for goods or services
  • Store of value
  • Saving an immutable hash for proof or auditing

A Real Decentralized Identity Solution

The DID Sidechain supports W3C's Decentralized Identifiers (DID) standard - https://w3c.github.io/did-core.
And also comes with a set of plugins, QR code handlers and SDKs to make it easier to meet your identity requirements.

Currently supports:

  • QR Code-based authentication
  • W3C Verificable Credentials (VCs)
  • Blockchain-based DIDs
  • W3C DID Specification v1.0

Decentralized Storage

Elastos Hive is standardized developer interface for IPFS storage with extensible options for private vaults and traditional solutions

Currently supports:

  • IPFS
  • Microsoft One Drive
  • Private Vaults - Coming Soon

P2P Robust Message Passing

Building decentralized is already difficult, use our Elastos Carrier network to send encrypted E2E data with built in blockchain features.

Reasons to use P2P Communications:

  • Proxy relay network of over 200k nodes ensures robust message delivery
  • Cheaper and more secure than message passing through an intermediate
  • Send messages from a DID to another DID with helpful blockchain integrations - Coming Soon