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Module TitleBarPlugin

This plugin allows dApps to communicate with the global native title bar embedded in all elastOS dApps. DApps can change the title background color, set a title, customize action icons and more.

declare let titleBarManager: TitleBarPlugin.TitleBarManager;


Type aliases


TitleBarIcon: object

Type used to configure icons on the title bar, with their respective actions. An icon "configuration" is made of an icon picture (custom, or predefined), and a unique key (to identify the action when clicked).

Type declaration

  • iconPath: String | BuiltInIcon

    Path to an icon picture illustrating this menu item. Path can be either a built-in value to use built-in icons, or a path to a custom icon (ex: "assets/...")

  • key: String

    Unique key to identify each item.


TitleBarMenuItem: TitleBarIcon & object

Type describing a context menu entry opened from the title bar. This is a standard icon type, with an additional title.