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Module PasswordManagerPlugin

This plugin allows dApps to save and retrieve user passwords securely. Passwords are saved using a master user password.

Passwords are sandboxed with different master passwords for each DID session.

This plugin also provide UI helpers to create or input passwords, in case dApps don't want to manage this.

declare let passwordManager: PasswordManagerPlugin.PasswordManager;


Type aliases


AccountPasswordInfo: PasswordInfo & object

Standard ID/password web/app/other account.


BankAccountPasswordInfo: PasswordInfo & object

Information about a bank account, using local or international format.


BankCardPasswordInfo: PasswordInfo & object

Information about a bank debit or credit card.


BooleanWithReason: object

Improved boolean type to pass more verbose information.

Type declaration

  • Optional reason?: string

    Optional reason message to explain why this boolean got this value

  • value: boolean

    Actual boolean value


GenericPasswordInfo: PasswordInfo & object

Simple password info containing a simple string (ex: just a password, or a private key).


GetPasswordInfoOptions: object

Type declaration

  • Optional forceMasterPasswordPrompt?: boolean

    Forces the user to re-enter his master password for the current operation, even if the database is already unlocked. This is useful for security reasons, for example for payments, when we want to confirm that the acting user is really the device owner. Default: false.

  • Optional promptPasswordIfLocked?: boolean

    If true, the master password is asked (popup) in case the database is locked. If false, getPasswordInfo() fails silently and throws a cancellation exception. Default: true.


PasswordCreationOptions: object

Format options for password creation requests, in order to force generating passwords with a specific format.

Type declaration


PasswordInfo: object

Root type for all password information. This type is abstract and should not be used directly.

Type declaration

  • Optional appID?: String

    Package ID of the application/capsule that saved this password information. READ-ONLY

  • Optional custom?: Map<string, any>

    List of any kind of app-specific additional information for this password entry.

  • displayName: string

    Name used while displaying this info. Either set by users in the password manager app or by apps, when saving passwords automatically.

  • key: string

    Unique key, used to identity the password info among other.

  • type: PasswordType

    Password type, that defines the format of contained information.


WifiPasswordInfo: PasswordInfo & object

Information about a wifi network.