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Module NotificationManagerPlugin

This plugins allows apps/capsules to send and receive notifications. Usually, the only application able to receive or notifications directly is the launcher app. Other applications may only be able to send notifications.

Notifications are stored in a permanent storage after being received and can be retrieved after a system restart. Notifications have to be cleared manually whenever needed.

declare let notificationManager: NotificationManagerPlugin.NotificationManager;


Type aliases


Notification: NotificationRequest & object

Received notification.


NotificationRequest: object

Object used to generate a notification.

Type declaration

  • Optional emitter?: string

    Contact DID emitting this notification, in case of a remotely received notification.

  • key: string

    Identification key used to overwrite a previous notification if it has the same key.

  • message: string

    Detailed message for this notification.

  • title: string

    Title to be displayed as the main message on the notification.

  • Optional url?: string

    Intent URL emitted when the notification is clicked.