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Module ContactNotifierPlugin

This plugin handles connectivity and base exchanges with remote contacts, using DID and Carrier. It runs a carrier instance (one per DID session) that can receive contact invitation requests, accept them, resolve contact carrier address, send notifications to contact, etc.

This plugin does not manage contacts profiles and other higher level features. It must be seen as a convenience native communication channel with remote peers/contacts.

This plugin is also not meant to enable chat capabilities between contacts. The more they can do here is to share notifications, and those notifications rely on third party capsules/apps.

This plugin also does the following things in background:

Handle received contact invitations: Received invitations are stored in a database and trigger local notifications such as "CONTACT is inviting you". Clicking such notification is normally handled by the launcher app, in order to accept the invitation.

Handle confirmed invitation: After a contact accepted an invitation request, this plugin gets the acknowledgment and displays a local notification such as "CONTACT has accepted your invitation"

Listen to incoming notifications: Listens to incoming remote notifications, and displays a local notification.

declare let contactNotifier: ContactNotifierPlugin.ContactNotifier;


Type aliases


ContactAvatar: object

Structure holding information about a contact avater picture.

Type declaration

  • base64ImageData: string

    Raw picture bytes encoded to a base64 string

  • contentType: string

    Picture content type: "image/jpeg" or "image/png"


RemoteNotificationRequest: object

Structure used to send a remote notification to a contact.

Type declaration

  • Optional key?: string

    Identification key used to overwrite a previous notification if it has the same key.

  • message: string

    Main message content

  • title: string

    Title that highlights the notification main purpose.

  • Optional url?: string

    Intent URL emitted when the notification is clicked.