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Module AppManagerPlugin

This is about AppManager which makes it possible to send intents, messages, etc. between DApps.

There is no need to use 'AppManagerPlugin' as the plugin name in the manifest.json if you want to use this facility, because it's available by default.

declare let appManager: AppManagerPlugin.AppManager;


Type aliases


AppInfo: object

The App information.

Type declaration

  • appPath: string

    The app path.

  • authorEmail: string

    The app authorEmail.

  • authorName: string

    The app authorName.

  • backgroundColor: string

    The app backgroundColor.

  • builtIn: Boolean

    The app builtIn.

  • category: string

    The app category.

  • dataPath: string

    The app data path.

  • defaultLocale: string

    The app defaultLocale.

  • description: string

    The app description.

  • did: string

    The app did.

  • frameworks: Framework[]

    The app frameworks.

  • icons: Icon[]

    The app icons.

  • id: string

    The app id.

  • installTime: Number

    The app intall time.

  • keywords: string

    The app keyWords.

  • locales: Locale[]

    The app locales.

  • name: string

    The app name.

  • platforms: Platform[]

    The app platforms.

  • plugins: PluginAuthority[]

    The app PluginAuthority list.

  • remote: Boolean

    The app is remoteļ¼Ÿ.

  • shortName: string

    The app shortName.

  • startUrl: string

    The app startUrl.

  • themeColor: string

    The app theme color.

  • themeDisplay: string

    The app theme display.

  • themeFontColor: string

    The app theme font color.

  • themeFontName: string

    The app theme font name.

  • urls: UrlAuthority[]

    The app UrlAuthoritylist.

  • version: string

    The app version.

  • versionCode: number

    The app version code.


BuildInfo: object

Information about build.

Type declaration

  • platform: string

    android | ios | windows | linux | macos

  • type: string

    elastOS | native

  • variant: string


Framework: object

The framework.

Type declaration

  • name: string

    The Framework name.

  • version: string

    The Framework version.


Icon: object

The icons info.

Type declaration

  • sizes: any

    The icon sizes.

  • src: string

    The icon src.

  • type: string

    The icon type.


IntentOptions: object

Options passed to sendIntent().

Type declaration

  • Optional appId?: string

    The target app package id, in case the intent should be sent to a specific app instead of being brodcast.

  • Optional silentResponse?: boolean

    If true, the calling app is not displayed on top of other apps when receiving the intent response. Default: false


Locale: object

The locale.

Type declaration

  • authorName: string

    The language authorName.

  • description: string

    The language description.

  • language: string

    The language.

  • name: string

    The language name.

  • shortName: string

    The language shortName.


Platform: object

The platform.

Type declaration

  • name: string

    The Platform name.

  • version: string

    The Platform version.


PluginAuthority: object

The plugin authority status.

Type declaration

  • authority: AuthorityStatus

    The authority status.

  • plugin: string

    The plugin name.


ReceivedIntent: object

Information about an intent request.

Type declaration

  • action: string

    The action requested from the receiving application.

  • from: string

    Application package id of the calling application.

  • intentId: Number

    Unique intent ID that has to be sent back when sending the intent response.

  • Optional originalJwtRequest?: string

    In case the intent comes from outside elastOS and was received as a JWT, this JWT is provided here.

  • params: any

    Custom intent parameters provided by the calling application.


ReceivedMessage: object

Object received when receiving a message.

Type declaration

  • from: string

    The message from

  • message: string

    The message receive

  • type: Number

    The message type


ReceivedService: object

Information about a background service to be executed.

Type declaration

  • name: string

    Name of the target service to be launched, as the same app can run various services.

  • params: any

    App-specific object holding additional information.


ReceivedWidget: object

Information about a widget to be started.

Type declaration

  • key: string

    Widget identifier, as the same app can provide various widgets.


StartupInfo: object

Information about startup.

Type declaration

  • Optional serviceName?: string

    If startup mode is service, it will be return

  • startupMode: StartupMode

    The start up mode


UrlAuthority: object

The access url authority status.

Type declaration

  • authority: AuthorityStatus

    The authority status.

  • url: string

    The url access.