Class: Device


new Device()

This represents the mobile device, and provides properties for inspecting the model, version, UUID of the
phone, etc.

Name Type Description
cordova boolean

Get the version of Cordova running on the device.

model string

The device.model returns the name of the device's model or product.

platform string

Get the device's operating system name.

uuid string

Get the device's Universally Unique Identifier.

version string

Get the operating system version.

manufacturer string

Get the device's manufacturer.

isVirtual boolean

whether the device is running on a simulator.

serial string

Get the device hardware serial number.



getInfo(successCallback, errorCallback)

Get device info

Name Type Description
successCallback function

The function to call when the heading data is available

errorCallback function

The function to call when there is an error getting the heading data. (OPTIONAL)