Elastos DID

Elastos provides a set of identity management tools that are W3C DID Compliant and enable you to build applications that use the new global Decentralized Identifiers (DID) standard for identity.

A Decentralized Identifier (DID) refers to an ID that can be issued by an autonomous, independent, and decentralized platform that acts as a proof of ownership of digital identity.

Decentralized IDs (DIDs)

The DID (Decentralized Identifier) Sidechain issues completely decentralized IDs to users, apps, and devices that are not controlled by any individual or third party. DIND is an autonomous and secure identification system.

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DID (Decentralized Identifier) ​​refers to a digital identity that can be issued by the user and independently proves ownership.

In the technical implementation of the traditional Internet, it is usually necessary to issue a digital identity by the center. This will avoid naming conflicts; authentication can also be done. Then through this center, the identity verification between strangers is complete.

Inspired by Bitcoin’s decentralized wallet, we can use the wallet address as the user’s ID and perform the verification by the public key corresponding to the address. Third parties are no longer required to identify themselves for strangers. This provides a digital identity solution for the independent and autonomous operation of the Internet.

Based on the above, Elastos implements Elastos DID SideChain, which provides a decentralized digital identity solution for the Internet world. Everyone can have their own DID for free. By having a DID, everyone can take ownership of their data in the Internet world; everyone can assert their own digital assets; everyone can communicate securely based on trusted identity.

Elastos DID is generated, verified and deposited based on Elastos DID SideChain.

Bring Data Ownership Back to its Owners

By issuing Universal IDs (UIDs) to everyone on the internet, a blockchain automates trust. In a blockchain-based system of exchange, transactions occur only between individuals, thereby dissolving central authorities and intermediaries.

Tamper-Proof, Interoperable Identification for Everyone

Today’s internet is dominated by large companies that make you log in with their in-house logins to access your data. An open source Universal ID (UID) system like Elastos DID allows you to trust code not corporations controlling your data.

Elastos DID Sidechain

On Elastos the DID Sidechain employs a PoW consensus and is merged-mined with ELA allowing it to leverage the same security and hashpower provided to the Elastos Mainchain by the Bitcoin network.

Live Since July 2018

Officially going live in July 2018, the DID Sidechain was the first sidechain to launch on Elastos. It plays a vital role in enabling enterprises and digital platforms to issue universal DIDs to individuals, applications, and devices on the internet.

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