Get ready on testnet

After installing develap, the whole Elastos ecosystem is ready to be used but you need to go through a few additional steps to get things ready, such as creating your initial wallets and getting test ELAs:

In order to easily create wallets and manage them, you can download ela-cli program from

To learn more about what commands are available for ela-cli, please visit ELA CLI Guide

Unzip ela-cli program

This guide uses as reference.

tar -xzvf elastos-ela-v0.3.7-linux-x86_64.tgz;
mv elastos-ela-v0.3.7/ela-cli .;
rm -rf elastos-ela-v0.3.7 elastos-ela-v0.3.7-linux-x86_64.tgz;

Create a new test wallet

Note: When you create a wallet on Elastos, the same wallet can be used for both mainnet and testnet.

./ela-cli wallet create

Should return something like:

Re-enter Password:
ADDRESS                            PUBLIC KEY                                                        
---------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------
EMPPw2R7CsV3c5NXmK51JL34tEzDYsaHnw 0228a280dc99f035fa57d190830f42a6d941c92ed39db5a8a96d29db98ee15d6a9
---------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------

You’ll be asked to provide a password. This password is what protects the keystore.dat file that is created using the above command.

You can check the private key of your wallet by doing:

./ela-cli wallet export 

Get test ELA

Your newly created test wallet doesn’t have any ELA. You have to request a few ELAs from our faucet website in order to start using the elastos ecosystem, as transactions have a cost.

The faucet website will ask for your wallet address.

After requesting test ELAs, please allow a few minutes (~10 minutes) for your wallet to be credited. You can then check your balance on the testnet block explorer website.

You can also check how much balance you have by doing:

./ela-cli wallet b --rpcport 21336

Next steps

Your environment is ready. You can now start building your app.