Setup Develap

A tool called “Develap” is available that helps in setting up a local environment to connect to main chain, did sidechain, eth sidechain, token sidechain, neo sidechain, etc to either mainnet, testnet or private net


Download develap tool

Simplify this using package manager based distribution

Download the latest release specific to your platform from This guide will use linux_amd64 however, the process is the same for darwin_amd64 and windows_amd64. For more info about the code repository, please visit

Extract the zip file

unzip linux_amd64-*.zip

The develap tool and associated config files should be unzipped to the directory linux_amd64

Interact with develap tool

  • Change directory

    cd linux_amd64
  • Get a more detailed list of commands and parameters

    ./develap --help
  • Run a testnet environment with mainchain, did, token and eth nodes

    ./develap blockchain run -e testnet -n mainchain,did,token,eth
  • Run a testnet environment with mainchain node

    ./develap blockchain run -e testnet -n mainchain
  • Run a mainnet environment with did node

    ./develap blockchain run -e mainnet -n did
  • Kill token node on mainnet environment

    ./develap blockchain kill -e mainnet -n token
  • Kill all the nodes on testnet environment

    ./develap blockchain kill -e testnet`
  • Show all the nodes currently running in mainnet environment

    ./develap blockchain list -e mainnet