FAQ: Cyber Republic


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What is the Cyber Republic?
Cyber Republic is a diverse democratic group of leaders, developers, organizers, designers, translators, lawyers and more formed to promote Elastos in our communities and help Elastos fulfil its vision. Membership is open to everyone.
Is the Cyber Republic a political party or a political entity?
No. The Cyber Republic has its own constitution and will have its own voting system and governance system but there is no political side to it. It will manage itself without any control by the Elastos foundation. It will be autonomous.
Will one person have the power to control the whole project?
Just as the ELA blockchain wants to be as decentralized as Bitcoin and maintain the same ideology, the founders of the Cyber Republic want the same: decentralized on every level. Nor the founder Rong Chen, nor the foundation has all the power.
Who governs the Cyber Republic?
Fay Li, Kevin Zhang and Yipeng Su are the interim council for the Cyber Republic until the final version of the constitution and the voting system are out (planned for mid-2019).

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