Testnet configuration


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Kiran Pachhai

By default, testnet is the active network after installing Elastos. The whole Elastos ecosystem is ready to be used but you need to go through a few steps to get things ready, such as creating your initial wallets and getting test ELAs:

Creating a new test wallet

Go to the testnet wallet website and follow the steps to create your wallet. After a few pages, your test wallet will be ready and you will see something like this:

Getting test ELA

Your newly created test wallet doesn’t have any ELA. You have to request a few ELAs from our faucet website in order to start using the elastos ecosystem, as transactions have a cost.

The faucet website will ask for your wallet address. You can find it on the testnet wallet website, in the receive tab.

After requesting test ELAs, please allow a few minutes (~10 minutes) for your wallet to be credited. You can then check your balance on the testnet wallet website.

Next steps

Your environment is ready. You can now start building your app.