Digital identities


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Benjamin Piette, NiuJingyu, SongShiJun

@NiuJingyu @BPI Migrate from (使用ela did链存证数据 and 使用ela did代表用户身份进行签名授权和开具证明文件) after July 19 (beijing hackathon) - see SJun

@NiuJingyu @BPI How do we identify app users? How do these users create identifies at first? How to read and update user profile information?

Get user profile information

@NiuJingyu @BPI @SongShiJun How to get part of user profile information from a wallet app (ex: elephant)

Update user profile information

@NiuJingyu @BPI Have we planned to allow third party apps to edit part of a user profile? If so, what is the process?

Signing users in / up in app

@NiuJingyu @BPI @SongShiJun Explain how to sign up/in in apps, using a wallet app like elephant

Signing/Validating documents

@NiuJingyu @BPI @SongShiJun Explain how to validate documents using a wallet like elephant, to proove ownership, or approve some content