The smart web

Feng Han, co-founder of Elastos, insisted on the importance of having a glorious vision. To him, the founding team should have a clear picture of its goals and a picture of how the world could look like. This is the common denominator for the most successful companies, something to look for when investing in valuable organizations.

Among the famous examples, we can quote the precursor ideas of Steve Jobs from Apple, the great motives of Satoshi and Bitcoin or the genius of Vitalik Buterin and its smart contract platform Ethereum. Now, it’s time for Rong Chen from Elastos to realize his vision of the internet.

The Elastos founder explained his initial vision at the 1-year anniversary of Elastos in Thailand : « The whole thing started around year 2000 having just one thing in mind. People are used to operating systems; today, they’re all called device OS (Windows, MacOS, Android…). Basically, the OS doesn’t take care of the network ; applications themselves do. They go unto the internet and the OS opens a door called a socket. So the applications go out of the door with the OS blessing but if you’re hijacked, if you’re cheated, you don’t come home to cry to the OS because it’s your responsibility ; for your passwords, your software defense and antiviruses. So basically, consumers are the ones to blame. The other way around to think about it is to design a network OS. It takes care of 100% of the network traffic so then the 3rd parties applications actually couldn’t access to the internet. Just that simple metaphor. If the applications cannot access the internet, then it is very hard to steal consumer’s data and send a copycat version to the vendor’s cloud. That was basically the idea on how all got started. »

To illustrate his views on the subject further, we have plenty of meaningful ideas he produced during interventions. One of them is the following: « This (Elastos) is the internet of the future, where people will own their data, and connect directly and securely ».

After having worked on operating systems most of his life, he realizes that the web is not secured as we witness it very often when data leaks and such appear in the news. The internet is therefore not delivering its true potential because users lack trust in the network. With the possibilities offered by blockchain and cryptocurrencies, a brand-new digital world could be created.

Rong Chen, accompanied with the Elastos team and all the supporters from around the globe, believe in a more secured internet for everyone; making our lives happier, more convenient, productive and creative. Only with a new internet infrastructure can a smart web emerge, this is the mission of Elastos.

Decentralization is a motto for the entire blockchain space, with variations between projects and models. In the case of Elastos, the platform is as decentralized as possible at every level: p2p network, digital currency and assets, decentralized IDs, governance, DApps…

This reflects the will of the project to give to their users a complete freedom and ownership over everything with features mentioned above plus organizations like the Cyber Republic.

Elastos is building an internet as a computer where everyone as its own storage; the web contains the computing power and the blockchain is the trust zone. In other words, Elastos is an internet of wealth, where value flows without any incidents between its real owners.