Nucleus Console

An integrated playground where you can deploy a complete test environment of the Elastos ecosystem to learn, develop and test your applications.

Elaphant App

A team building an multi-currency wallet with dApp support.

Elastos DMA

One of the first Elastos business focused teams, Elastos DMA endeavors to bring real-world use cases to Elastos such as their Uptick, Choosit and most popular recent application Greenpass

Hyperconnect IoT

HyperConnect is an enterprise-grade, open source Internet-of-Things framework that utilizes the Elastos Peer-to-Peer Carrier Network to route network traffic between IoT devices.


CryptoName allows you to control your name via a Token and link your crypto addresses simply to one name, your CryptoName. But not only that, also DID, email and a website can be linked to your personal CryptoName.