The bounty programme

Elastos is an open source project made for the community. We have reserved 16.5M ELA in order to reward Elastos community members who contribute to the commmunity. EBP- Elastos Bounty Program is a web app platform for community members to take tasks, make contributions and get ELA as reward.

The entirety of EBP contains several subsidiary programs:

  • Elastos Developer Bounty Program - EDBP. Developers contribute code to Elastos
  • Elastos Bug Bounty Program - EBBP. Users or testers find bugs and report to Elastos developers
  • Elastos Social Bounty Program - ESBP. Social media users and influencers introduce Elastos to social media.
  • Elastos Leader Bounty Program - ELBP. Reward to those leaders in different subsidiary communities (Community leader in Universities, Cities and Countries)
  • Elastos Referral Bounty Program - ERBP. Reward to members who refer other users, leaders and members to join Elastos community that made significant contribution.

The amount of given ELA depends on task difficulty or importance. For instance, finding a minor issue will not be rewarded the same way as implementing a fix for a major bug or creating a new active community.

Please contact the Elastos core team about those rewards whenever you feel your contribution deserves it.

Check amounts and fix them if needed, from, then give a list here to contributors, so they better know how much they can expect to get