Running Your dApp

elastOS is a Mobile Application That Runs Your dApp

Therefore you need to have elastOS running first, typically the way to do this is running an emulator, but of course you can also connect your Android phone to your computer.

elastOS is not yet released for iOS, therefore we will only be supporting Android at the moment

Running an Android Emulator

1. Download Android Studio -

2. Open AVD Manager and Add a Virtual Device

Make sure the image you are using has Play Store support, which avoids us having to build and install the elastOS.apk file.

Follow this guide for detailed instructions:

3. Now Run Your Virtual Device Emulator

Clicking the Green Arrow circled in orange should launch a device, in this example I am using a Pixel 2 emulator.

4. Install elastOS from the Play Store

The emulator still needs a real Google account to access the play store, we recommend you create a new account for development.

  • After you have access to Play Store, search for elastOS and install it.

5. Enable Developer Mode in the elastOS app

4. Verify that adb sees your emulator

adb is the Android Debug Bridge which is a command line tool that should be installed with Android Studio, for more information see:

| ~/workspace/com.elajs.elastOS-dev-tutorial 
| => adb devices
List of devices attached
emulator-5554	device

5. Now run your capsule with elastOS opened, it will automatically launch elastOS in the emulator/device and then install itself

trinity-cli run -p android --nodebug

6. It should automatically launch your capsule, or you can click your capsule to run it

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How to Guides

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