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Learn How to Build a Capsule With Our Guides:

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Understanding elastOS

Learn how capsules function and the module ecosystem of elastOS

The Manifest File

Every capsule has a manifest.json file located under the assets folder, this manages important things such as your capsule metadata and URL whitelist.

Quick Start

Learn the basics such as how to access the plugin APIs and use Ionic with elastOS.

HTTP Calls in elastOS

By default external calls are blocked, to whitelist URLs follow this guide.

Inter-App Communication

elastOS has an intent mechanism that allows dApps to communicate with each other.

Supported Intents

For a list of all available intents and what you can do with them, such as sending tokens, fetching identity information and more.

Ionic Plugins

For a list of our custom elastOS plugins that give you access to all the features of the Elastos ecosystem.


For help running and debugging your elastOS capsule/dApp

dApp Distribution

An elastOS dApp store server is available to host your dApps and make them downloadable through the store dApp by all elastOS users.

Global Title Bar

In order to provide a more homogenous browser-like experience to end users, elastOS encapsulates all dApps with a global title bar for you to use.