The development codename for elastOS is Trinity

You will notice a lot of the tools and repos are named “trinity”, this is analagous to elastOS .

elastOS capsules are dApps, we call them “capsules”

  • use our included trinity-cli tool to easily package and deploy your capsules

  • elastOS capsules must be written in Ionic 4.0 using React or Angular

    There is a bug in the React template right now , temporarily you must import appManager: declare const appManager: AppManagerPlugin.AppManager

    Then ensure we set visibility to show on App mount (within React.Component Parent App): useEffect(() => { appManager.setVisible("show") }, [])

  • by default external requests are blocked, you must whitelist URLs in the manifest.json and even then users will be prompted to approve the connection through a native pop-up

  • your capsule can access a suite of plugins to use native features such as the:

    • camera
    • fingerprint reader
    • QR scanner
    • storage and other common Cordova plugins
  • elastOS provides a set of custom plugins to access the Elastos ecosystem

    • Hive Storage
    • DID Sidechain
    • ETH Sidechain - Coming Soon

Preview the Plugins API Here

Let's Setup Your Environment First