Environment Setup

If you haven't yet set up your dev environment, please click here.

Once you have your development environment set up, these tutorials will take you through learning the fundamental skills and design patterns to work with smart contracts.

Interacting with Smart Contracts

Let's walkthrough the three general ways to connect with your newly created Storage contract.

Connecting Users

This will introduce you into a creating a typical web front-end and how users use that to interact with your smart contracts.

Adding Oracle Data & Calling Other Contracts

This will introduce the core concept of how to call existing smart contracts from your contracts. This is useful for accessing oracle data and any other helper library smart contracts that may already exist on-chain.

Using the Gas Station Network (GSN) to Pay For User Fees

One of the biggest barriers to user onboarding is the gas fees and initial requirement to have some cryptocurrency first. By adding the GSN contracts you can pre-fund smart contracts to allow users to execute them for free!

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