Browser dApps

The first thing you need to know is what a dApp is, if you come from a traditional development background a lot of these concepts may seem foreign and unintuitive.

This is understandable, blockchain and decentralized applications (dApps) are a relatively new concept.

For a quick review or if you’re new to dApps, go to this tutorial to learn about dApps.

What's a Decentralized App (dApp)?

Click here if you need a deep dive into what a dApp is, and what are the pros and cons.

Ethereum Overview

If you're new to Ethereum we also recommend you read this quick overview.

Overview of Elastos dApp Architecture

Elastos ETH Sidechain

This is the main blockchain you’ll likely interact with, our Elastos ETH Sidechain is based on the Ethereum EVM, but is a completely separate network.

Basically it is compatible with any Ethereum dApps or code, so all the tutorials and concepts from Ethereum applies to us as well. This makes it easy to develop on the Elastos platform.

Elastos Hive

Our Elastos Hive technology is an intermediate layer that lets you use different storage solutions from traditional centralized services like Microsoft OneDrive, Amazon Web Services S3 or decentralized solutions like IPFS.

Currently the only interface/SDKs are in Java/Swift because of elastOS support, however we will be releasing a Javascript SDK soon for Browser dApps.

Elastos DID Sidechain

The DID in Elastos DID Sidechain stands for “Decentralized Identifiers”, this is a global standard for identities and credentials by W3C, you an read more at

This is basically Elastos’ version of user accounts, for users their DID is their profile/identity which they use to access all Elastos applications and services.

Ready to Get Started?

First Let's Setup the Dev Environment

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