Native dApps

Of course you are free to build Decentralized Applications in any way you’d like.

elastOS is convenient because it:
  • Enforces a set of security principles to better protect user’s data and privacy

  • Promotes using decentralized services over centralized ones

  • Offers a standardized plugin architecture and tools to make development easier

But it does have its restrictions, namely:
  • All external data requests/connections must be whitelisted and approved by users

  • All capsules/dApps must be written using the Ionic Framework

  • Users need to download the elastOS app first and your dApp exists within another app

What if you only want to use some components of Elastos?

By all means we would love that!

Elastos is non-profit and its ecosystem is an open-source platform developed for the public with a common goal to create a better digital economy and world.

Feel free to explore the Elastos ecosystem and figure out what works for you:

Elastos Core Services

A set of useful decentralized services for dApps, including storage, payment, P2P and identity solutions.

Elastos ETH Sidechain

This Elastos EVM-compatible combines the security of Bitcoin merge-mining with Ethereum's Solidity smart contracts. Click here to learn how to connect and use it just as you would with Ethereum.