Cross-chain ELA Transfer

In order to utilize the Elastos ETH Sidechain on mainnet of course you need to transfer ELA from the mainchain to the ETH sidechain.

There are a few ways to do this, but the most straightforward is using the ela-cli tool.

  1. Use the ela-cli tool bundled with the mainchain ELA full-node repository, this CLI tool has cross-chain functions you can use to send ELA to and from the ETH sidechain.

  2. ./ela-cli wallet buildtx crosschain --from [your address] --saddress XVbCTM7vqM1qHKsABSFH4xKN1qbp7ijpWf --to [your ELAETHSC address] --amount 5 --fee 0.001

    Where –saddress is the crosschain genesis address found by getting the gensis hash (block 0) and then running /ela-cli wallet crosschainaddr [genesis hash]

  3. Then sign and send this as usual.

    ./ela-cli wallet signtx --file to_be_signed.txn

    ./ela-cli wallet sendtx --file ready_to_send.txn